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10 WWE Wrestlers Who Enjoyed Smoking Weed

Rvd Weed Smoking weed is an activity that isn't out of the ordinary for most pro wrestlers; in fact, they've been known to do it for decades, dating back to the '80s. However, the biggest difference between now and then is that it's no longer considered common practice: it's frowned upon in today's society and anyone seen doing it publicly can suffer consequences, wrestlers included. Regardless, that hasn't stopped WWE performers from lighting up a joint in the past when they're away from the squared circle. Can they really be blamed? Being on the road for well over 300 days a year, WWE Superstars are always looking for a way to relax and relieve stress, and for some smoking weed does the trick. Without any time off, wrestlers are essentially working themselves to death, so getting blazed once in a good while gives them the getaway they need to avoid reaching their breaking point. Due to WWE's Wellness Program implemented in 2005, several stars over the years have encountered problems with the law for their smoking habits, resulting in demotions, suspensions or even immediate firings. From Jack Swagger to Rob Van Dam, this list will delve deeper into the infamous use of marijuana by WWE talent.