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The Incredible Hulk Coaster At Universal Orlando: All New Vehicles And Story

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

When The Incredible Hulk Coaster closed its doors for refurbishment in September last year, fans were anticipating more changes than just replacing the track when the green monster made his epic return. Universal have finally announced the extent to the changes to the attraction and it seems that fans have got their wish!

Universal have completely overhauled most of the attraction and it all starts at the entrance.

As you head to the ride you will need to enter underneath a towering figure of the Hulk. He will be using his massive strength to hold above his head a ride vehicle and two pieces of track. These bits of track are actually salvaged from when the old track was dismantled and replaced.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Once inside there is a whole new storyline and queue area. Now riders will be volunteers in an experiment where you will be exposed to high levels of gamma radiation in the hope of turning you into a super soldier... or perhaps something else entirely.

The process is called Hulk-a-fication and the experiments are being run by General Thaddeus Ross, a classic villain in the Hulk comic universe.

In the queue, visitors to the ride will be able to see some of the experiments that General Ross is carrying out. You will pass laboratories, scientific equipment and also the Gamma core... the source of power in Ross' experiments.

The Incredible Hulk Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Once you reach the platform be ready to turn yourself into either a super solider or a raging Hulk and there you will get to see the all new ride vehicles.

The vehicles are pretty impressive. With a much more modern look compared to the old cars, these appear aerodynamic and powerful. Not only do they look good, they also sound pretty great too.

An original soundtrack has been created for this reimagined attraction. Fall Out Boy's very own Patrick Stump was brought in to make the ride sound as good as ever. There's also an all new lighting system too.

Universal have confirmed that the ride will reopen later this summer. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to hear The Incredible Hulk roaring around Islands of Adventure again.