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9 Movies With Way Too Much Gratuitous Nudity

6. Barbarella

Barbarella Jane Fonda

1968's Barbarella opens with a famous scene of a naked Jane Fonda, who plays the titular heroine, floating through space while the credits play and instantly earns a spot on our list of films with gratuitous nudity before the ribald narrative even begins.

Produced by B-movie icon Dino De Laurentiis, Barbarella adapts a bawdy French comic strip to the big screen, bringing with it all of the all the over the top smuttiness and innuendo of the source material. In the film, the sexually vivacious Barbarella must travel to into uncharted space to apprehend the nefarious Duran Duran (the namesake of the 80's pop group), who has his hands on a weapon that could spread untold destruction throughout the galaxy. On her quest, Barbarella meets many different alien creatures, most of whom she has sex with, before being captured by Duran Duran and placed in the Excessive Machine, a device that kills those imprisoned within it via excessive sexual ecstasy.

The courageous Barbarella's insatiable sexual appetites prove too much for the Excessive Machine, which short-circuits when Barbarella reaches climax. Barbarella's plot has little else on its mind than sex, nudity and sexual innuendo. While the filmmakers intended us to take Barbarella's exploits as farce, that doesn't pardon the film's gratuitous sex and nudity, which lands it at number 6 on our list.