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10 Movie Plot Threads That Were Never Resolved

7. What Happened To John Anderton's Son? - Minority Report (2002)

url-6 What if you could predict that a crime was going to happen before it did? What if you could stop a murder before it happened? Those are the driving questions behind Steven Spielberg's brilliant Minority Report, thought there's another plot thread at work that never gets resolved: and this one is based around the fact that Tom Cruise's character, John Anderton, has lost his son, Sean. Sean's disappearance is one of the crucial driving elements in the movie, given that Anderton spends much of its running time asking out as a result of his missing son -he's also addicted to a substance called Clarity because of the ordeal. Anderton plays video recordings of Sean and attempts to recall a point in which they were together, throughout, but Sean is never said to be dead, and nobody knows what happened to him. The movie doesn't seem to have much of an idea either, and skips on offering up any kind of explanation.